Week 45

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Emilia looks for pine cones
Sunday was a Lindome happening again. The yearly Goose walk. We walk around in the woods for four hours answering 20 questions in the process and performing various feats. If you get all the questions right and do well in the games, you could win a goose. Emilie had her new overalls and new boots. It wasn't before we got on the way that she decided she wanted her mittens too. Ah ... now I remember ... there is a definite advantage to mittens over gloves when you have to put them on someone else. (She just knows she's seen that guy before.)
Now we knew that baby carriages might be less than optimal, but Emilia's sister, about 7 weeks old, was going to come too. That was never in doubt. They didn't need to rub it in though. The sign says "not baby carriage friendly". Maria fixes the platform so that Emilia can save some energy in the beginning. This is a long walk for a two and a half year old little trooper. Preparing for the woods. You can just see Ewa's scepticism. Three grown kids now ... been there, done that.
But off into the woods with half of Lindome in front of us, the other half grumbling behind us, trying to get past. Eventually it's time for a water break while Ewa and Christian ponder one of the toughies. Meanwhile, little Mathilda soaks in some rays. When forging up the hills, over boulders and roots, she gets shaken down into the foot of her cocoon.
On we go .... The "control stations" aren't questions but tasks and your card gets filled in by administrators. You have to be there in in person. Otherwise clever crooks would buy up a dozen cards, send one person out on the walk with a cell phone who would call in the questions so the others could look up the answers in reference books and on the internet.