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This is the aspersorium (holy water font) at the convent in Gudhem in Västgötaland, Sweden. It was founded in 1160 by the Cistercians and disbanded in 1529 when the Swedish king Gustav Vasa sent the Catholics out of the country.

The remains are on top of a hill with a beautiful view of the surrounding plains. The lone wall on the right in that overview is where the apsersorium is (on the back side).

In 1250 Queen Kristina Sunesdotter donated her wealth to the society and moved it. She was buried in the church when she died in 1252. The area is still being used today.

I had wanted to revist Gökhem and take some color pictures of the painting from the 15th century, but it was closed this time of the year. But just a couple hundred meters from the present site was the foundation of an older church (12th century). Not much to see there except for flowers growing out of the walls.
The aspersorium at Gudhem convent in Västgötaland, Sweden.