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The trip to the USA was in part to show my children where I had come from. I grew up in a military family. We were moved here and there, but we would always find our way back to my grandparents when time permitted. That involved everything from driving from California to St. Louis --- in the sixties --- in a Rambler stationwagon with five kids --- with a busted radiator in Lovelock, Nevada --- with only enough cash (there were no credit cards back then) to cover "foreseen" mishaps --- having to pay for a motel while the parts were shipped in --- living on SPAM --- killing the taste by spreading mustard with chewing gum sticks --- until we got here.

This road leads up to Terrapin Ridge. When we saw this stretch, we kids knew the ride was soon over. My Grandmother lived up there.

Bond Co., Southern Illinois, Rolleicord V, Agfa APX 100, Rodinal.